Sawin Excavation

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Customer Testimonials

"Jeff Sawin of Sawin Excavation has worked on many of my industrial and foundation projects around my old house in downtown Holderness, NH. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and professional in all phase of excavation and construction. Jeff is very comfortable in doing city work as well as difficult residential work."


~ C. C. & C. Mechanical Contractors and Rigging, Company

"Jeff Sawin of Sawin Excavation has worked on several of my residential homes in the past and will likely wok on my sites in the future. I find Jeff to be professional and have an attention to detail that has resulted in quality site improvements for my company. It appears that Jeff’s experience serves him well and I am sure your projects will benefit from Jeff's experience. Please feel free to call me with any other questions."

~BPV Contracting Company,  Inc.